go to site The Grand Prix of the 45th International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva was awarded to an exhibitor from Thailand, Mr. TANTIBUNDHIT with his team, for a diabetes screening that uses a simple photography of the retina combined with a software which gives an immediate diagnosis.

go here Diabetes is estimated to affect more than 380 million people around the world. And that figure could rise to almost 600 million by 2035. Retinal alterations that can even extend to blindness are one indicator of this very widespread disease. Today, the mobile app system developed by M. Tandibundit and his team, not only enables very simple, immediate screening, but actually diagnoses the severity of the diabetes as well. The screening app does not require any medical or hospital infrastructure, hence its particular usefulness in underserved regions. In a matter of seconds, the photograph of the retina is sent in to a medical centre that delivers an almost instant diagnosis.

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